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Student A really loves her sessions as she looks forward to them every day. When she comes back home, she can’t wait to tell me about what she has been doing which has been having a positive impact on her well-being and behaviour. She is much happier and is enjoying learning. She has people who understand her and are not giving up on her. She is a good kid who just needs the support which both Jane and Charlotte are giving her, so I thank you both so so much.  
Year 10, 1-1 student's parent/carer (2022/23) 
Really pleased with Student B ' s progress this term. I think the staff who work with him are absolutely amazing. They seem to have formed a strong bond which had made his attitude towards education miles better. They are able to speak and relate to him and I am really grateful. The 1-1 learning definitely suits his needs. Honestly cannot say how thankful I am to the staff at Edintervention for getting Student B to the stage he is now with education. 
Year 11, 1-1 student's parent/carer (2022/23) 
We are really pleased with Student C since being at Edintervention. He really loves it and seems to have settled in very well. Also, thank you to the team for making him welcome and helping him and making it possible for him to now enjoy getting up in the morning and going to education. We are so happy for him. Thank you so much. 
Year 11, group setting student's parent/carer  
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